Kissing Your Employer Goodbye

In an article in Black Enterprise Magazine, Robyn Clarke, in her article “Kissing Your Employer Goodbye” writes: “If you are not careful, sudden changes in your behavior can give away your secret before you make your intentions public.”

I was then quoted in her article: “Howard Lipset, President and CEO of New York City-based Progressive Management Inc., has identified seven common ‘I’m leaving’ behaviors you’ll want to avoid:

  1. Wearing suits when khakis and polo shirts are your habit,
  2. Taking spur of the moment trips to the doctor or dentist,
  3. Taking your attache when you are just running out to get lunch,
  4. Transforming your workplace from trademark slovenly to spic-and-span,
  5. Showing your emotions – namely hostility, giddiness or apathy- to your coworkers or boss,
  6. Going from high achiever to slacker, and
  7. Constantly working on your computer and hogging the departmental printer.”

Have you noticed anyone on your staff doing any of this behavior recently? Have you done so in the past; were you kissing your employer goodbye?

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