‘Tis the Season for Scamming

Howard Lipset of www.thecfo.wordpress.com warns readers about email scams.I’ve been receiving email scams on a regular basis these last few weeks. See an example below. I received this one a few weeks ago. It may look like a serious inquiry but it is a scam.

From: noreply@direct.nacha.org [mailto:succumbingrwp@unichemsupply.com]

Sent:  ג2012 06:36


Subject: Direct Deposit payment was declined

Herewith we are notifying you, that your most recent Direct Deposit via ACH payment (No.685180959565) was disallowed, due to your business software package being out of date. The details regarding this matter are available in our secure section::


Please consult with your financial institution to get the new version of the software.

Best regards,

ACH Network Rules Department

NACHA | The Electronic Payments Association

15466 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 733

Herndon, VA 24662

Phone: 703-949-3875 Fax: 703-169-0647

I notified the fraud department of my Internet Provider.

How can you tell the difference between a real inquiry/warning and a scam like this one?

  • Look at the sender’s email address. In this example the From: and Mail to: are not in sync.
  • Are you familiar with the sender? In this case, no, I am unfamiliar with this financial institution.
  • They’re requesting I “click here” to download details. NEVER “click here” on an email from an unknown, untrusted sender.

What are the consequences of being scammed?

The potential consequences can range from identity theft to your computer becoming defunct because scammers’ motives can range from monetary gain to pure malice. If I had clicked for the details, whatever I downloaded could have allowed the scammers access to all of the personal information on my computer.

Have you been receiving suspicious/scam/fraudulent/phishing emails? If they’re different to my example, please share them with me.

Howard Lipset, CPA
Progressive Management, Inc.

(516) 883-2962

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