“To Protect & To Serve” Originally the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department (1963), its meaning was to “serve the community by protecting their constitutional rights.”

To Serve & Protect: I like to think of it as the goals of Progressive Management Inc. but with a different context.

To Serve our clients everyday by being available for their problems and their needs, in addition to taking care of the basic functions for which we were hired: The administration of the day-to-day financial aspect of their businesses and their personal lives.

To Protect their assets and identity against the modern threats of cyber-attacks and identity theft, as well as preventing fraud and governmental bullying against them.

To Protect them from themselves. This is one of the examples I intend to share:

I once had a client whose Mom lived on an Estate in Florida with 5 in help.  I used to get her bank statements and knew her spending habit was to cash a check for $400 each week.  Then I received a statement that showed that the amounts had escalated to $1,500 to $2,000 per week.  I immediately contacted her son.

What we discovered was that one of the help would take Mom to the bank each week.  Mom wrote and signed the check, cashed it and then gave the money to the help.  But because Mom was in the beginning of Alzheimers, she did not remember any of it. The son determined which person it was and when that person was fired, the problem went away.

If this example reminds you of anyone you know, please tell me about it privately.  I can help their family or business.

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