Verizon Wireless’ Worthless Class Action

Howard Lipset of describes a class action settlement with Verizon Wireless and how the settlement is worthless to the consumers but most likely profitable to the lawyers and other corporate heads.At the end of March 2013, my wife received a letter from VERIZON WIRELESS AMERICA’S CHOICE II LITIGATION announcing that they had won a class action.

And what did she win? A very “valuable” 40 units of long distance calling.

With Voice over Internet, Vonage, and my cell phone service, I have no phones on which I would pay for long distance calls in the USA. So what did they give us? Ice in the Winter.

There is a claim administrator that mailed this notice and is administering the PIN service to claim your winnings. Do you think that they are working for free long distance?

There are a whole bunch of lawyers who brought this class action. I know they are getting money.

How could anybody claim to be acting on our behalf and drop this worthless junk on us. The cost to mail the notifying letter is more valuable than our share of the prize. The amount our bills will increase will be more than the value of the prize.

And how did the courts allow this? After all, a judge has to review and approve the settlement. Wait, they proudly announce in the letter that it was approved by the Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County, Ohio.

I may have a jaded New York outlook on things, but the words moronic, incompetent and corrupt immediately come to my mind.

What comes to yours? 

Howard Lipset, CPA
Progressive Management, Inc.
(516) 883-2962

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