Howard Lipset of Progressive Management and discusses his mobile deposit banking and how it can be improved.I am so proud.  I have entered modern times with my business. I have become technologically  savvy. I now make bank deposits by using my iPhone.

Congratulations to those people who figured out how to let me take a picture of the check, and then read the amount and compare it to what I said it would be. That is really clever.

Too bad that they have no idea how small business functions nor do they have the capability of adjusting to meet their customer’s needs. For the past 90 days, I have emailed and spoken to the folks in the Mobile Deposit department of one bank. Below is my list of things that they just do not want to get done.

  1. This bank limits the amount of deposits to all accounts on one online screen to $25,000 per day. And that is good. I know another bank that limits the deposits to $5,000 on the first day and then a sharply declining decrease over the next five days. Why have any limits at all?

  2. When I go through the set-up, I have to designate which account I want for each check. Why can’t they bring me back to the last account I deposited to and let me override it. Last night, I deposited 11 checks to the same account and had to locate that account 11 times in the middle of a string of over 30.

  3. After you have entered a check, they will email you with a confirmation of the deposit. Why do they make you put in your own email address each time? They know who you are. Why can they not remember your email address?

  4. When you get the separate email for each check deposited, it will tell you the amount of the check and give you a confirmation number. But if they subsequently reject the deposit, they will email you with just the deposit amount. Last night, when I did the 11 checks, four of them had the exact same amount. If they only give me the amount, how do I know what check they have a problem with? BUT they know the confirmation number. Why can they not put that number on the rejection email.

I can see where item one has to do with bank policy as to the amount of one deposit. But why limit it to all accounts on one screen?

But items 2, 3 and 4 are simple changes that they already have the information for. What is the hang up there? If just items 2 and 3 were implemented, I could have saved about 15 minutes in processing the 11 checks.

If you have had similar experiences, please tell us about them.

Howard Lipset, CPA
Progressive Management, Inc.
(516) 883-2962


  1. I’ll bet you can’t do this on a blackberry.

  2. A time saver that’s still got a way to go. Excellent points. $5K limit for business is ridiculous.

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