A New Kind of Internet Scam

A New Kind of Internet Scam by Howard LipsetIf you are reading this blog, then you may have seen the problem.

In response to a prior blog, someone posted a like. Raved about what I had written. Called me by first name as if we were partners. Gave a telephone number and offered assistance in areas that I could not. But, then specifically told everyone to use me for advice.

Sounds nice. But, I have no idea who this person is. I do not have any association with them.

I would hope that my readers would check their source (in this case, me) before dealing with any purported online referrals.

And speaking of scams, here is one that comes on the telephone.

“Hi, this is your bank and we are calling about your credit card with us.” They don’t give their bank’s name because they do not know where you are banking.

Just hang up. They are phishing for information or using this entre as a sales and marketing tool.

The internet and electronics have created a Wild West and you have to always be prepared to defend yourself.

Howard Lipset, CPA
Progressive Management, Inc.
(516) 883-2962

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