The 800 Frustration

The 800 Frustration By Howard LipsetHow many times have you called an 800 number, only to spend more time on the phone than it was worth; and you still did not solve the problem.

Well, for most of these situations, I now ignore the 800 number and move directly to a person with sufficient responsibility to fix the issue in a manner satisfactory to me.

First, I find out the name and address of the CEO. If this is a public corporation, google their name and “10K”. Headquarters address will be on Page 1. Check the index for Corporate Officers. If not a public company, you will have to work a little harder. But the information is out there.

Then I write a short letter, spelling out the problem, and describing how I want it solved.

I send the letter Priority Mail and make sure to get the tracking number.

Obviously, the CEO does not bother with this. But they all have a staff that works to solve these things and functions with the authority of the CEO. In essence, the same people who will give you the runaround on the 800 number, will snap to attention when that person sends them an internal email.

I have corrected situations from bad credit reports to mistakes in mortgage escrow accounts, quickly and efficiently. In the past 20 years, I can only think of one situation that did not end well.

I strongly recommend that you try this.

Howard Lipset, CPA
Progressive Management, Inc.
(516) 883-2962

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