Decisions: Boardroom vs. Bedroom – Four Essential Points of Style for Men circa 2014

By Guest Blogger Cathy Berger

Decisions: Boardroom vs. Bedroom - Four Essential Points of Style for Men circa 2014 By Howard Lipset's Guest Blogger Cathy BergerNowadays both sexes firmly count themselves as decision makers. Not all 21st century norms have been overturned as more often it is men commanding a boardroom while women remain with ultimate say in the bedroom. Males continue to dominate the tech and construction industries, while females are gaining ground in engineering and finance. Universally, “dressing for success” has been talked up, over, and inside out.

Boardroom attire for both sexes has evolved constructively, while Victoria’s Secret has caused bedroom attire to become virtually mainstream. Yet ladies alone have a unique luxury of wardrobe choice where men don’t – skirts and dresses can substitute for pants! Men—metrosexuals, college students, urban guerrillas and high-powered corporate execs have one sartorial option and one alone: all pants, all the time. So it would behoove guys to get the details right, right?

The secret to a proper look for any man is attention to pants in relation to shoes. Starting with the cut at the top to the color of the fabric to the cuffs at the bottom – details must be coordinated with the shoes. Here are 4 of the more pertinent points, because as you know, gentlemen, females are watching:

  • Jeans look best when worn with boots, sneakers or casual loafers. The hem should cover the back heel and you should not be able to see the socks (if worn at all).
  • Chinos are best worn with edgy fashion (not gym) sneakers and should hang quite long over your shoe.
  • Flat-front waists — wear them. Despite what you think, pleats make you look bigger and cue the world you are out-of-style.
  • What style change lies ahead for 2014? Look for the return of cuffed slacks.  
    • Cuffed Suit Pants should be worn with classic, clean-line shoes – nothing casual or thick-soled. Wear with a sharp crease down the front; let them cover and sit on top of the shoe.
    • Un-cuffed Suit Pants can be worn with classic, somewhat casual yet current shoes and the hem should come down a little further than with cuffed suit pants and allow for a small break.

With a new year in motion, what better time to “get it right” by starting at the bottom and working your way up!

Cathy Berger is the founder of Fashion Societe and Business Societe.   Fashion Societe produces large “Mercedes Benz-like” fashion shows for charity fundraisers.  Business Societe hosts the popular “Image of Success Networking Series”─ upscale monthly events that offer mini-presentations about strategies for competitive edge.

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