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More on Internet Sales Tax

More on Internet Sales Tax by Howard LipsetThe Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act in May, requiring websites with more than $1 million in remote sales to collect sales taxes from customers in states that have joined the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (which of the greedy states would not sign on to get other states’ businesses taxes). However, the bill provoked opposition among many House Republican lawmakers and has stalled until now.

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Howard Lipset of Progressive Management and www.thecfo.wordpress.com explains the State of New York's Sales Tax Form and how it will cost small businesses money and burden them with a lot of paperwork.Once again, the United States Senate has demonstrated that it comes from another planet.

They have no concept of what it takes to run a business and the havoc that their so-called “good intentions” will bring.

Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if it is just “good intentions” or if there is some underlying benefit to a political contributor that drives them?

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