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Howard Lipset of Progressive Management and www.thecfo.wordpress.com explains the State of New York's Sales Tax Form and how it will cost small businesses money and burden them with a lot of paperwork.Once again, the United States Senate has demonstrated that it comes from another planet.

They have no concept of what it takes to run a business and the havoc that their so-called “good intentions” will bring.

Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if it is just “good intentions” or if there is some underlying benefit to a political contributor that drives them?

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How Congress Writes Laws to Guarantee There Will Be Lawsuits

Now, do not get me wrong.  This is not a knock at the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  It is a reminder of how badly Congress writes laws and then allows an incompetent bureaucracy to administer and enforce them.

When George Bush signed the ADA, he might have thought that most of the discrimination complaints would come from those who were deaf or blind or wheelchair bound.  However, the most claims come from those claiming back problems (the tort lawyer’s dream come true).

Nor could he have imagined that the definition of disability under the law is so broadly interpreted as to include drug and alcohol abusers.

Then, since Congress did not properly define a mental illness (schizophrenia, manic depression, severe depression obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder), Bill Clinton’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has so broadly interpreted the law that the following disorders now constitute a mental illness and this is how the employer might be required to deal with it.

Narcissistic personality disorder: Give the employee a mirror so they can look at themselves all day.

Sex addiction: Watch porno films during a coffee break.

Here is another, equally ludicrous, possibility.  An individual with a sex addiction, who can not be fired under ADA, is also a sexual harasser and creates another type of discrimination lawsuit against the company.

The EEOC advises employers that they should be understanding of workers who are chronically late, who exercise poor judgment or who display hostility to fellow workers –because those traits may be linked to mental impairment. Here is an act that is no longer a possibility, it is a reality.

This type of unreasonable mandate creates unproductive businesses and puts our country in a position where we can only compete worldwide in the lawsuit category.

How The Government Can Quickly Stimulate the Economy

Entrepreneur Magazine once published an article entitled “Where to Get a Small Business Loan“.

These are tough times for a small business (or any business for that matter) to borrow money.  Why?

Strange as it seems, our government has not given the banks any incentive to lend money to new and old businesses.  The banks can borrow from the Federal Reserve at three quarters of one percent and lend to consumer credit cards at 19- 29%, or just buy no risk Treasuries and make a couple of points.

A primary stimulus for the economy is getting small businesses funded again.  If the government was serious about forcing the banks to issue credit and getting the economy rolling again, then they would have created a formula that would penalize the banks for not issuing loans.

It’s simple: If the penalty were large enough, the banks would have to take the risk and lend the money.

Simply put, just taxing the banks does not create the loan incentives needed to re-energize the economy.  After all, why did the taxpayers bailout the banks, if not to help the economy in the first place?

THEIR Hands Are In YOUR Pockets

Whose hands? The scammers.

How do they try to get there? The Internet is the first obvious way.

They are always phishing for your personal information. Through direct emails, telling you that you are a winner, or that there is a package waiting for you, or through cleverly disguised emails using a bank’s stationery or even the stationery of the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS will never contact you via email. And neither will the security department of your bank. Do not respond to these emails. Print them and forward them to the real IRS and bank involved.

What if you get a phone call at home from your bank, claiming that there is a problem with your credit card? Don’t answer any questions from that person. Hang up, get your credit card and call back the phone number on the card. Ask if there was a problem that they would have been contacting you about. If no, report the phone call. If yes, resolve the problem.

Have you encountered scammers?  Share your experience with me in the comments.